Fluzzle Tube

Fluzzle Tube

Fluzzle Tube – the floating puzzle tube is an interlocking puzzle shaped innertube for water recreation!

Fluzzle Tube

Fluzzle Tube or Innertube

Have you ever gone tubing or just rafting in a lake and wanted to stay close to everyone but the tubes drifting apart. Have you tried using ropes or bungees to connect your tubes or rafts only to have them get in the way or tangled. Hooking your feet over another tube or have to hang on to someones hand is just not relaxing.

Fluzzle Tube can help you with that, this puzzle shaped innertube with interlocking capabilities keeps everyone close which allows for conversation and more overall fun. Use it for river rafting, connect them in a circle to create a giant river raft or connect them in a line to create a river tubing train. This inflatable tube is a great water toy for pools or lake.

Fluzzle Tube Connector

The Fluzzle Tube water recreational float allows you to connect with your friends and family with these great features:

  • 8 Connecting Clips
  • 16 Gauge Vinyl
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 Cup Holders
  • Available in 4 colors –¬†Orange, Blue, White and Green

Fluzzle Tube is the only Interlocking Inflatable Inner Tube in the world!  Order Yours Today!

Fluzzle Tube 10Fluzzle Tube is the creation of Clark Whitehead and Eduardo (Eddie) De Arkos. Childhood friends , they spent their time floating on lakes and rivers with family and friends. They would always be trying to hang on to everyone’s tubes or tying them together. Last year Clark come up with the idea of making a tube that could lock together like a puzzle piece. He asked Eddie if he wanted to do join him in his venture. Eddie said yes only after a few seconds of thought. Their first goal was to patent the shape & the interlocking method. Next they needed a manufacture to supply a prototype to bring to investors. Finally they needed to create their company, Innovative Water Sports. The first product is the Fluzzle Tube, Fluzzle is a combination of Floating & Puzzle that describes the interlocking feature of this jigsaw puzzle inspired tube. More to come soon!

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